From Lesa with Love Provides YOU Unique Affordable Handmade Jewelry

Welcome to From Lesa with Love where you will find artisan handcrafted jewelry made in my home studio in the desert of West Texas.

I’m a California girl living in the desert of West Texas and who also spends a great deal of time in the mountains of New Mexico. So naturally, I get my inspiration from the my favorite places outdoors, the desert, the mountains and the ocean.

My designs are unique, classic and sometimes a little funky. One thing you will notice about my jewelry is that I use pops of color to add to the uniqueness of my designs. Pops of color, I believe, provides the happiness and positive energy that we are all searching for in life.

Since yoga and meditation are so important to me in my life, I am sharing my yoga meditation jewelry collection with you. I hope that the collection brings as much healing and positive energy to you as it does to me.

My yoga meditation jewelry are all personally cleansed and charged prior to packaging and shipping. I believe that gemstones have healing properties and I want you to fully benefit from those properties.

I also have listed my Sea Glass Collection. I use beautiful cultured and genuine sea glass with sterling silver or Gold Filled chains that will look so gorgeous on you. I’ve also recently included silver plated and gold plated chains as well, for those on a tight budget.

Every sea glass piece I make is so special to me. I really feel like I go on a beach vacation every time I work with sea glass.

Jewelry making is a wonderful way to share myself with you. I would not want to do anything else. All of my jewelry pieces are handmade, affordable, unique and designed and constructed in my home studio, my favorite place to be.

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